IT Governance

IT governance at The Claremont Colleges has three levels:

  • The Council of The Claremont Colleges (Council) – This group includes the president of each college.  The Council is the authoritative body that charges the IT Steering Committee.  It provides strategic guidance to ensure that the IT Steering Committee has the information needed to align consortium-wide IT services with the needs and vision the Presidents’ have for the Colleges, both collectively and individually.
  • IT Steering Committee (ITSC) – The IT Steering Committee is responsible for high level strategic decision making and is ultimately accountable for ensuring that the portfolio of consortium-wide IT services stays relevant to the end needs of the Colleges and that the services within the portfolio are delivered cost effectively at the desired quality levels.
  • IT Operations Committees (ITOC) – These subcommittees of ITSC are responsible for ensuring the technical delivery of consortium-wide IT services meet the needs of the Colleges and with providing the ITSC with whatever information it needs regarding the ITOC’s service area(s) to allow the ITSC to accomplish its charge. The ITOCs provide feedback to providers of consortium-wide IT services on the manner in which services are delivered, in particular with regards to how those services interface with each college.